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At Active Minds, we are on a mission to support individuals facing mental health challenges and promote positive mental well-being for all. Our commitment to creating a mentally healthier society drives every aspect of our work, from counselling services to advocacy initiatives and youth-focused projects.

We envision a world where mental health is prioritized, stigma is erased and individuals can access the support they need without hesitation. Together, we strive to build a community that understands, empathizes and uplifts those facing mental health struggles.

Active Minds offers a range of services designed to address various aspects of mental health. Our counseling services provide professional guidance and support to individuals navigating life’s challenges. Through our advocacy efforts, we work tirelessly to ensure that mental health receives the attention and resources it deserves. Additionally, our youth project empowers the younger generation with the tools and knowledge to prioritize their mental well-being.

Our Services

Individual Counselling


Compassionate counselling to enhance well-being and resilience

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Championing mental health causes and ensuring your voice is heard

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Youth Project

Youth Project

A youth-focused initiative fostering mental well-being and personal growth

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How We're Different

What You Can Expect From Us

Our programs create lasting, positive change in individuals' mental health journeys, amplifying stories of resilience

  • Holistic Support

    We address mental health comprehensively, from counseling to advocacy, empowering individuals at every step.

  • Youth Empowerment

    Our youth project equips the next generation with vital mental health skills for resilience.

  • Compassionate Team

    Our dedicated team brings empathy and understanding to every mental health challenge.

  • Proactive Advocacy

    We're passionate advocates, relentlessly pushing for mental health rights and destigmatization.

  • Tailored Counselling

    Our counselling is personalized, offering individuals the guidance they need on their unique journey.

  • Community-Centered

    Our initiatives foster a supportive community, breaking isolation and nurturing mental well-being together.

Mental Health Support Group

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Uncover the breadth of our work in mental health through our latest annual report, a testament to our dedication and impact.”

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